Monday, July 3, 2017

Parental Guidance: My Kid Doesn't Listen to Me Outside

Parents of four to eight year old kids know what we are going to discuss here. Most of the time parents become so unhappy that they let their anger vent in front of people they don't recognize. Is this exactly what your kid is also doing? Amazing so these parents could argue "who started the behavior". I am certainly not criticizing parents or not bucketing a certain kind of parents. I myself faced this situation and actually almost throw the similar temper what my kid was throwing. We both of us were kind of small kid and big kid. I improved on this behavior by applying some tricks and want to share with other parents as well who are either going through similar scenario or who are all set to go through this kind of fun in near future.

I divide this problem into two step solution to make it very simple. 1. Behavioral improvement for the parents and 2. Behavioral improvement for kid. I mentioned the behavioral improvement for the parents first because in a tantrum situation it is easier to control your tantrum than your kid's :). In other words if you get angry then it is very difficult to change the situation and you have to apply more emotional or mental force.

Behavioral Improvement for the Parents:

  1. Keep in mind that you don't show the same behavior when your kid throw tantrum.
  2. Keep one bottle of water for yourself and drink it when you are about to lose control.
  3. Remind yourself that you will teach your kid the right kind of behavior by doing and not by saying.
  4. Don't try to preach too much because your kid is not listening.
  5. Sit down in front of the kid on your knees and ask him look into your eyes. Use as less words as possible which your kid's busy brain could process :).
  6. Remind yourself how you also threw tantrum when you were kid and then remind what you expected elders do with you.
  7. Make sure you use right words when you handle this situation - How to Use Right Words 
  8. Give them two options out of which one is surely not an option. eg if your kid wants to buy his 100th toy car and is adamant then give him option to buy a) today and return tomorrow b) buy and keep forever when he behaves good for next five times. You can give him one dollar for every nice behave which will encourage him behaving good and earning car.

Behavioral Improvement for the Child:

  1. Remember this and when you go sleep with your little one then frame some story about some animals depicting the same behavior.
  2. Keep some snacks and water for your child when you go outside. Empty stomach causes more tantrum.
  3. Make sure you spend some quality time with your child. There is very nice learning at How to Spend Quality Time With Kid

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