Monday, July 10, 2017

Is Your Kid Getting Bullied At Daycare?

Is Your Kid Getting Bullied At Daycare?

Most of the time parents ignore this issue of bullying especially with babies in daycare and prekindergarten.

Why Bullying Go Unnoticed: 

  1. Kid can’t share details as well as his feelings.
  2. Parents don’t have quality time with kids and hence they are not aware on daily progress.
  3. Parents think that some hiccups make their kid strong but they fail to judge how bad is this impacting the kid when he feels all alone against bullies.
  4. Teachers at the day care are not attentive all the time.
  5. Management at the daycare doesn’t have strict policies against bullying.

How to handle this scenario:
  1. Make sure you are aware of the situation. The best practice is spend quality time with your little one according to a great post at Quality Time With Little One. Kids mostly don’t tell or don’t remember things correctly. It is very important that you talk to them until they sleep. Tell some stories where a small rabbit goes to school and another small fox scared or hit him. Ask the kid whether he knows any small fox.
  2. Make sure you have a regular conversation with the teacher of the kid. It will help two ways. a) Teacher will understand that you take care of the development of the kid. b) Kid also watches you that you talk to teacher and have a good relationship with the teacher. Otherwise he feels that you offload him to some stranger that you even don’t talk. If the teacher doesn’t give time to talk to you every day then the daycare management should be informed about it. It is very crucial. When my kid used to go day care then I used to talk to his teacher every day and this really helped me become a good parent. I used to make sure that the teacher is also interested in the conversation otherwise just a question and answer session will not help.

  3. Make sure you listen to your kid. I have seen parents complaining that their kids don’t listen to them outside Kid Doesn't Listen but at the same time your kid also have a grudge against if you don’t listen to him. The only difference is that the kid won’t be able to express it in words and just show you some tantrum Terrible Two's.
  4. Make sure that smart screens are not the only friends of your kid. You should be aware to restrict the screen time of your kid which is very well explained at Fixing Screen Time. A long time on smart screen will make your little one unsocial. He may not know how to interact and then you find him throwing tantrum very often. Make sure you handle it carefully and meet child care specialist in your area for guidance.
  5. Make sure the learning center daycare has great reviews. Reading the reviews of the private preschool, talking to your family members and friends before opting should be the first step which most of the parents miss. Most of the parents only look at the amenities and fee structure. There are many daycare which maintain high standard knowledge learning center for your little one who you trust to take care of your most precious jewel.

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