Sunday, July 2, 2017

How to Improve Relation with Your Boss

I observed many employees complaining bad relation with their managers. However I also saw employees who have healthy relationship with their management and team. Please make sure you read below information very thoughtfully so that you are able to calculate boss compatibility matrix.

First List:
1. Micromanage (-1) - my manager wants to know everything what i do. He doesn't let me make my decisions. He calls me in his office all the time and wants to know each and every detail.
2. No Leadership (-1) - my manager doesn't have the leadership qualities. He doesn't talk to me almost at all then how does he know what I am working on. I am not sure how will he fight for me for my promotion and bonus.
3. Wrong gestures (-5) - my manager is opposite sex and gives me wrong gestures. It is not easy to work with him/her because things are getting mixed up. I can't lead a professional life with this kind of manager and don't know whether I call it sexual harrasment. Read Sexual harassment at work place to learn how to handle this situation.

Second List:
1. Helpful (+2) - my manager gives me a lot of bandwidth to learn and grow. He helps me guide what to focus on and helps me learn new skills.
2. Leader (+1) - My manager is not only a manager but a leader. He gives me opportunity to grow faster than his peer teams.
3. Intelligent (+1) - My manager is intelligent and it is great learning with him.

Below is the Boss Compatibility Calculator -

Go through first list and count negatives for each. Then go to second list and count positives for each. Add them up and you know whether this project is the right place for you to work for next two years. This will help you whether you could be a layoff target in near future.

My friend Michael went through this list and he observed that his manager is Micromanager and No leadership (from the first list) however from the second list he couldn't find anything which describes his manager. His Boss compatibility calculation is -2. This value has to be more than zero to encourage you continue with the project in the long run. Michael is working on his skills and planning to interview with other companies because he knows he shouldn't stick with this manager.

My another friend Joe went through the list and observed his manager as a Leader and Helpful from second list. However he also finds that his manager is a micromanager. When he adds up all the numbers then his boss compatibility calculation is 2. He should be fine to continue for a long term and as per his compatibility numbers this is very less likely that he will be a layoff target in near future.

Great guidance on layoff preparedness - Ready for the next layoff

Someone rightly said - "employees leaves manager and not company". This article is focussed on finding the compatibility with the Boss. If things don't look healthy then this is the best policy to hone up your skills and leave the manager and find healthy environment. This will put a pressure on the bad manager as well because he needs to explain the attrition rate under him.

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