Thursday, July 13, 2017

How To Handle Less Educated Parents In Public

Let’s analyze it in details how does it look like to have relatively less educated parents.

My friend Harry is a cvp for a multinational company. He comes from very humble background. His father is a farmer and studied only second standard. His mother never saw school gate. His parents met in a fair, fell in love and got married. They were less educated but pretty happy. Father used to work fourteen hours a day and mother used to take care of home. They worked as a pretty happy team and then they got a great gift of life; Harry was born. His Father was present when he was born and when he first saw his hair when he was coming out of womb, this was his best moment ever. He took the boy in his arms and congratulated his wife. His mother couldn’t hold tears of joy which were flowing on her cheek. Every day was a privilege to see Harry grow. He made sure he spends Quality Time with his Kid. They never ignored anything Harry wanted. His father told him stories at night and mother sang lullabies. One day when his son was Bullied at the Daycare, he couldn't sleep. Very next day he went to his teacher and shouted at her. Because he was not educated, the couldn't articulate his emotions and thoughts. Harry started growing every day into a brilliant kid. Parents took guidance from many people around to understand How Could their Son Become Good Student which they never could do. Father and mother used to proud of him when they saw harry’s cognitive skills. Whenever they saw Harry lacking on any subject, they started asking people around How to Deal With Difficult Subject. They made sure they don't pressurize Harry and Set Wrong Expectations with him. His charm started attracting many and a team of three was one of the most joyful family. Soon Harry was in high school and we qualified SAT and MAT and GMAT and got great scholarship. Joyful parents couldn’t sleep whole night. Slowly Harry started thinking his parents are less educated. He started facing many issues –

  1. Parents Education – Harry who was very self-conscious of his social standard started telling that his parents are from an educated background. He started telling his wealthy friends that his father was engineer and mother was interior designer. He couldn’t fathom the fact that parents are less educated.
  2. Parents Dressing Sense – He started hating his parents’ dressing sense. He used to sit on the shoulder of his father and in the lap of his mother and then he didn’t have any problem. Suddenly those shoulders and lap were old and didn’t have dressing sense. Harry started ignoring his parents in public.
  3. Parents Sense of Humor – Harry laughed a lot as a child on the same sense of humor and slept listening the story and lullabies and suddenly he found that his parents are not worth talking in front of others. He started getting agitated when his parents talk to him.
  4. Parents Behavior – Harry found a huge behavioral issue with his parents. He thought that his parents would start asking him small share < 2% of his wealth. These were the same parents who spent more than 75% of their wealth just to make sure that Harry has a smiling face.
Now Harry started getting upset with his parents. With his roots. With his care takers and he kept on wondering for many months what went wrong. He started thinking why is he thinking about only relatively uneducated parents? How about relatively less handsome parents? How about relatively weak parents? How about relatively low IQ and less energetic parents. But parents are parents. Tomorrow we shall also be same. And the next generation will be more educated, much more affluent, more progressive, much stronger etc etc. I think he got the clarity and he changed his attitude-

  1. Parents Education – Harry started sharing with his friend circle that his parents are very less educated and they really worked hard to make sure that their kid stands among top 0.5% of the population. He started feeling proud of his parents.
  2. Parents Dressing Sense – Harry started having hug and handshake his parents and appreciating their unique dressing sense.
  3. Parents Sense of Humor – Harry laughed like a child his parents crack a joke and he felt that he is a kid once again.
  4. Parents Behavior – Harry started thinking to spent at least 15% of his income to make his parents happy which was still very less share in comparison to what parents spent.
And guess what, Harry was happy once again. Harry an imaginary character is meant to give us a lifelong learning that parents are parents. They can’t be demeaned because they are lacking in some qualities. What if we lack in some qualities then would parent behave the same. I often observed that parents of a less intelligent and weak kid gives him the best protection possible. Then why can’t we do the same with parents?

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