Sunday, July 2, 2017

Don't Let Sexual Harassment Ruin You

Sexual harassment at work place is prevalent. It is worse than bullying because it is actually unwelcome sexual advances or asking sexual favors at workplace. Harassment can happen to anyone and probability of recurrence increases if not tackled professionally. This is often observed that we don't talk enough on this topic. Some EEOC stats as per link
  • 79% of victims are women, 21% are men.
  • 51% are harassed by a supervisor.
  • Business, trade, banking, and finance are the biggest industries where sexual harassment occurs.
  • 12% received threats of termination if they did not comply with their requests. 

How to handle the sexual harassment-

Everyday we see news about high profile leaders resign or are prosecuted. Does anyone think why does that happen? The reason is that we are not equipped to respond when we face this situation either as a victim or when we are close friend of the victim. Most important thing is to remind us that we are not alone, we are not weak and we shall not let it keep on happening. There are couple of steps which we should ponder on-
  1. This needs to be documented. Victim should send out a mail to the offender informing that she/he is shocked with his/her actions on date at particular venue. I discussed this situation with my relatives and they asked me to inform you about my feelings. The victim has to be very professional.
  2. Collect as many proof as possible. Any gift, any message, any card etc. Make sure you have a backup copy of all of your proof and keep them at some safe place.
  3. Victim needs to make sure that he seek for the read receipt of the mail, if possible. This will help procure proof against the offender in case he/she doesn't respond the mail. There are multiple methods to get the read receipt eg gmail read receipt, outlook read receipt.
  4. After you have proof and you shared your reluctance/objection towards offender's actions, feel free to send out mail to HR/skip if it repeats.
  5. Are you aware of your chances of layoff? Please go through the link Are you ready for layoff . I am asking this so that you are well prepared for the consequences.
  6. Make sure you are aware of your boss compatibility matrix
  7. Job gives you paycheck so make sure you are ready for the next interview if you need. Interview advice and tips at Link can be used for hiring interview or exit interview. There are many free online interview training that could also be helpful from interview strategies point of view.
A Not to Do List:

  1. Call police especially when you don't have proof.
  2. Send out mail to skip or HR without any hard proof.
  3. Find out her/his spouse and set-up a sync up.
  4. Talk to children of your boss and try to impact his/her personal life.
  5. Install camera in his office and record his behavior.

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