Saturday, June 10, 2017

Quality time with kids: Let's have a Quality Audit

I heard parents talking about spending quality time with kids. However quality is a very subjective and relative term. Some basic questions are top of parents' head when we think about this topic. How to make sure that you really invest in child development when you spend quality time with your little one? How to make sure that the engagement between you and your kid is one of the most unique and help each other - you develop as a parent and the child develop as a great human being. Very few parents think about parental development whereas this is the truth that a parent is born as soon as your child is born so this is absolute advantageous to think in terms of parental development as well. 

There are some secrets how to make sure your quality time is unique with your little one -

  • Make sure you are involved in the conversation with your little one instead of continuous guiding or judging him.
  • Make sure you use your child age year brain at least 50% of time during your engagement. If your little one is five year old try to think how you see the world when you were five. It is not easy because that live is a lot more beautiful than your life. You are having a great opportunity of living that life again so make sure you don't lose this opportunity.
  • Make sure you don't help the kid as soon as he needs it. Use this as an opportunity for engagement and conversation.
  • Make sure his tantrum is not responded with your tantrum :). The guidance regarding this situation is very well informed at My Kid Doesn't Listen to Me in Public.
  • Make sure you understand that he is developing his identity as a part of your family whereas you are also developing yourself as a better parent every day.
  • Make sure you understand which subject your kid needs more help and use the Hack To Help Kids Study The Difficult Subjects.
  • Make sure you invest time educating your little one on how to become a good student using Golden Rules
  • Does your child have any recent infatuation in the class. Did you get a chance to talk about it? Some guidance on similar thought - First Infatuation at elementary school

Today my five year old son rode bike outside as usual. He parked his bike and observed some bees there and asked my help. Well, I don't help right away and used this opportunity in having a fifteen minute long one on one conversation with him. I asked him about what he did in the class. He told that his new friend and he had fun in the class and play ground. He told me his new cute friend told him to laugh on another kid who looked like as a transformer in the play ground and both of them held hands and ran and had fun. Seems my child has an infatuation in his class. Some guidance on similar thought - First Infatuation at elementary school. After talking about it we sat down and collect some leaves and talked to ants a bit. It could have been mundane cycle riding otherwise. He didn't tell me these things ever before and I can see how interestingly he told me that story :).

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