Thursday, June 8, 2017

Parental guidance on how to handle child when they show their first infatuation at elementary school

It was three days when my five year old boy had been suffering from flu. We consulted with family doctor and administered influenza vaccine, flu shot. When I went to his private school to drop him off then i observed that a barbie doll baby almost same age came to my one of the fire truck kids and said "I missed you so much". Wait a second "did I hear exactly what she said." And before I could have thought something else my boy who use to play with dinosaur toys said "I also missed you so much".

Parents, I am not alone when i see kids who show infatuation at the age education :). He is not even at the age of playing cradle of empire. Parents would have loved if he/she played math games however :). Guys, It is delicate scenario because the kid is in elementary school and not in middle school or high school. How to handle it this early teenager?

Let's see this scenario from different outlook-
  • First of all, it is great to see that kids like spending time with children. They have social circle and they are becoming a part of society.
  • Having someone in your class give a boost to your competition and get her/him involved exactly like first day of kindergarten activities. You don't need to learn too much on fun activities for school if this happens :).
  • This helps development of kids when they are more willing to go to the school every day instead of being lazy in the morning and behaving like terrible twos.
Parental guidance on How to talk about it with kids-
  • First of all, this is not a matter of extreme worry or feeling worried at all. It's ok if the kids like each other and want to spend time in class.
  • Avoid to make fun or tease kids about it so they feel awkward about it.
  • Talk to them about their friendship and see what do they learn from each other.
  • Tell them one of the sleepy stories or animal school story. Feel free to name that animal after your kid's name etc who has one friend vs other friend who has many friends. And how the the animal having more friends got tal ben shahar happiness :) than the one who always cling with one.
  • While telling the story also tell them about a separation and observe your kid's expression. It is important and will help you be ready in case his/her schoolmate moves to some other school.
Now along with this conversation, a responsible parent should make sure that they educate the child on the hacks to mold themselves as great student

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