Friday, June 9, 2017

Parental guidance how to control your kid in elementary school not obeying teacher

Parents always think their cute little kids are most precious jewels in the world. My little kid always help other kids, listen to teacher and showcase best ever attitude to everyone around. This is pretty natural because it is your prerogative to be proud of your kid. Or somehow you feel your kid is your reflection and represents you and hence proved that he is one of the best.

There are parents who get annoyed when you give true feedback on kid's behavior. Then there are parents who listen to you and understand the need to fix the attitude at the earliest. Here I am talking about the attitude of not listening in the class. Many parents argue that my kid doesn't listen to the teacher because that particular teacher is incapable. However most of the time this is a myth because they find kid not listening to almost anyone. How should we handle this scenario.

First of all, let's introspect

Does the kid listen to parents?

  • Does the kid listen to relatives who drop by frequently? 
  • Does the kid listen to relatives who drop by seldom? 
  • Does the kid listen to elders in the neighbor? 
  • Does the kid listen to elders in the park? 

If the answer is NO in all the cases then you need to fix it ASAP. Well i wrote asap in caps to make it urgent but you are not the only parent who has been dealing with this attitude. So now let me explain how should parent tackle it-
  •  Make sure people interact with the kid respect each other. Kids do what the see. 
  • Make sure there is no intimidating attitude within premises to force the kid to listen. 
  • Make sure kid learns right behavior of saying Thanks and Sorry words. 
  • Make sure you spend quality time with your kid in the morning during breakfast. 
  • Make sure you spend quality time with your kid helping him homework when he comes back from school. 
  • Make sure you spend quality time playing with the kid in the evening. 
  • Make sure you spend quality time with your kid during story time near his bed prepping him for nap.  

It looks like too much work but when you enjoy these rules then you actually live a very new and refreshed life. A life of a kid which will last only for some years because you are going to miss following things as soon as he is grown up -

  • You will miss playing with him when he is grown up. 
  • You will miss singing lullabai for him when he is grown up. 
  • You will miss excitement in his eyes when he looks at you when you picks him up from shcool. 
  • You will miss his sad face when you drop your kid to the school because he is not going to be with you for next some hours. 
  • You will miss holding him in your arms in next some years.
Parents, this is privilege to have kids and invest quality time with them. There are just some behavioral bumps which if fixed at the right time with emotional and positive attitude, kids will shine like jewel all of their life and we build a bright future for everyone.

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