Thursday, June 8, 2017

Parental guidance for child development post terrible twos

Parenting is not easy. Some parents think terrible twos over but there is more to come. Everyone who has kids or not come across this situation. I would recommend reading this topic because it happens to everyone either you are married or not, either you have kids or not, either you are in any state. Ok i know some of you are asking "What seriously, i don't have and don't have any plan for the kids".

Unmarried readers, imagine a situation that you have a crush to your neighbor and she/he asks you you look after his nephew for a while. You certainly would like to impress her/him with your best efforts. Well in the first sitting a five year old will have good repo with you but what if the situation repeats and newphew is more comfortable with you throw tantrum :).

Married readers, you don't need to imagine. If you don't have kids, you are bound to get surprised by many of these situations when you attend dinner with your sister/brother/friends and you meet a five year old kid. Readers who have kids, you have already been or will encounter this situation soon.

So the question is how to handle the tantrum? Let's list out what not to do which is often told in parenting classes -

  • Shout at the kid to force stop the situation. 
  • Avoid authoritative parenting
  • Let the kid throw tantrum so that he drain out his energy. 

Some parental guidance-

  • The best thing is sit on your knees in front of the kid so that both see each other in the eye. 
  • Ask the kid "Look into my eyes". 
  • Don't smile, laugh, shout at the kid and keep a emotionless face. 
  • Ask kid to tell what is bothering him and give him a small smile, very small smile. 
  • Now when kid tells you, show him that you are involved in the situation. 
  • Don't preach that it is wrong. 
  • Relate with the kid with same kind of situation that you faced in past and tell him that how you dealt with that. 
  • Keep yourself realistic. Don't show that you are better than him in dealing with the situation. 
  • Normally if you tell that you didn't deal it well in past but you know that he can do then he gets motivation of doing it. 
  • Make a repo with him so that you can handle next situation gracefully. 

Good luck :).

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