Monday, June 5, 2017

Are Words Important

Someone has rightly said - "With words you can get Elephant as a reward or Elephant leg as a punishment". The essence is that since we wake up in the morning, we use our words to interact with many people - Personally or Professionally. We use words to instruct our children, request our teen, plead our managers and respect our elders. How many times we feel that we could have used the right word or right sentence in that particular scenario? Many times. Almost every time if we revisit the situation. How we could avoid intimidating attitude and opt for interactive learning to create a conducive environment.

95% people don't want to hurt others. If you want to test this then find someone in your family relationships who behaves errantly and people find him peevish all the time. Think what he thinks about him. When he sits alone in a dark room, he always wonders that he is correct and no one understand him. He always thinks that I don't want to misbehave and also i don't want to be misbehaved. It actually proves that almost no one wants to hurt but when it comes to interpersonal communication or behavior, it doesn't work. The same person is seen as the most irritated person however everyone thinks that he didn't made any mistake.

Let me give you a cute example. A four year old kid wants to buy toy car. He already has at least 40 cars at home but when his parents put their foot down then you find him throwing tantrum on the shop floor. Very nice guidance to handle it can be read at My Son Doesn't Listen to Me in Public . Think about it, doesn't your son want to hurt you. No. Do you want to hurt your son. Absolutely no but both of you come in a deadlock situation and hence i believe that words are very important to handle the situation.

Talk to anyone after the argument, either the one who you feel was perpetrator or the one who you deem as victim. Both of them will tell you the same story that "I didn't make any mistake". The question is if both of them didn't make the mistake then "What the Hell!".

There is one more very cute situation where your child has infatuation at primary school. You come to know about the situation and some preacher wakes inside you. Now you want to talk but unfortunately make the conversation worse. Your child was having a great experience and now after your preaching which obviously didn't work, your child had one of the worst experience ever. It is easy to handle with easy words and article First Infatuation should help the reader a lot.

The simple answer in most of these cases is - "They didn't use the right word during conversation or argument." I have seen people molding a heater conversation in opportunity helping others and I have also seen people using bright opportunity in heater argument eg relationship advice for teens mostly turns in heated argument when you don't see their perspective and vice versa. And yes the words are important and really helps us present our outlook, helps maintain our self respect and helps us respect others.

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